First visit to Chitunda

Project update van 15 november 2019 door Mussa Nyirenda

A good meeting with the community and a very good location for a World Servants project! The need for improvement is high and the level of commitment of the community also.

The school is located in a very rural area behind Chitunda hill. This is a very needy community and the people in this community are not exposed in terms of education as they dont have access to urban life. The only role models in this community are the few teachers at the school. This being a hard to reach area makes it a very good potential community for a project. The community has made all the efforts to make the school accessible by constructing an earth road by themselves. If this project becomes successful it will among other things improve quality of education through good infrastructure. The total enrolment of the school is 242 and it has a population of approximately 650 people.