‘Hoe kijkt coördinator Michael Tembo terug op het project?’

De partner vertelt... van 8 oktober 2019 door Michael Tembo

Elk jaar vragen we onze partner hoe het project is gegaan en welke lessen de partner heeft geleerd.

Context and summary

Describe the original plan/idea for the project. Has the project been executed as planned?
ZA219. The project was successful even though we did not reach the expected level.

Give a (short) general description of the implementation of the project.
Even though we had a good project it would be even better if we would have set a goal to reach. We now did not reach our full potential when it comes to the construction of the school and teacher house.

How do you look back on the following topics? How was it arranged, what went well, what could be done better?


Buildings worked on
We built a classroom block and teachers house. Both projects walls and roofs were done.

Tasks to be done
Plastering, floors, grazing, door fitting and painting.


Children program
Children program was successful well organised

Cultural and touristic outings
Cultural programs went well despise having breakdown. We visited chengelo school for fusion, Noah's ark, Mkushi market, banana farm, local farmer, home visits.

Life Skills program and Football for Water

Life skill program went well and was well organized. Football went well we Dutch loosing to Mboboli by 2 goals to 1.

Cooperation and involvement

Leadership team World Servants
We had a good time with the leaders. Still of course there are always lessons to learn. I think we could have had more discussions and evaluation on a frequent basis to make the project even better.

Local leaders / key persons
Local leaders were available . They only lacked commitment and drive to achieve intended goal. We tried to encourage them to do better but not much was done.

Community involvement was bellow expectation. There was only a small group available will we would have expected more people to join.

Teachers and other staff members were very much available.

(Local) authorities
Local authorities did visited us on number of occasions for us it was above our expectation.

Facilitation of the team

The team was accommodated in the classrooms as planned. And the team was happy.

They enjoyed our food very much especially our home Tito bread.

The team traveled well with no problems. Our usual driver did a good job.

Safety is always much emphasizes . The bus driver always he yo do a good job of taking good responsibility of the team.

Lessons learned
1. Consistence. We need to be consistence and committed not not playing the game called I know it.
2. It is good for the leaders, next to focusing on the group and the groups process, to consult with the partner organization more to evaluate the progress of the work and to plan the rest of the project.
3. It is always good to set a goal before starting the construction work. This will drive us all to do more on construction site.