Katondo Community greets you!

Project update van 12 maart 2019 door Haye Otten

The two teachers who live in the houseMany people at the meetingC

Transformation has finally come!

It was good to see the houses still looking new and volunteer teachers having occupied one of the houses. The community is planning to mold bricks amounting to 140,000 in preparation for coming projects. There was a lot of people who attended the meeting, the Headmen, PTA Members, Teachers, Bricklayers and other community members.
We couldn't meet the children in class because today is a public Youth Day Holiday in Zambia, all the pupils went for celebrations. The community was very happy to see and meet Kim and Haye as well as Rev. Nehemiah and Collins.

There were a lot of positive remarks from the Katondo Community on how they interacted with the participants and some of them could remember their names. They learnt a lot of things from the participants such as Love, how to cook pancakes as well as time management. The things they learnt together with the houses built have really transformed the people of Katondo and the school environment. The community also wishes that the relationship between them and CCAP can continue together with World Servants. Its was a great day!!!