Bouw van klaslokalen in San Julian 1 in 2010

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Blijf betrokken bij de voortgang van het project in San Julian 1


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Er zijn geen berichten.

Monitoring March 2011

A lot of work has been done by the community and the World Servants team. Students continue to assist the contractor for 2 weeks after the team has left. The 2 classrooms are finished and occupied. The building looks good and there are chairs and tables in the classrooms. The government has built two classrooms and currently they are almost finished with the construction of another two extra classrooms. Between these three existing buildings still tents are used as classrooms.
The local government is responsible for the running cost of the school.
There is a new director this year: Mercedes Marina Flores Palenque.
School has enrolled 310 students for 2011. In 2010 there were 350 students (school statistics).
Morning: teacher college (2/3 years of education)
Afternoon: vocational training
Evening: adult education (Secondary school level)
Officially handover during a nice evening party which was broadcasted on the local TV station.

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