Bouw van Ziekenhuis in Cubulco in 2016

  • Speelterrein bij het ziekenhuis
    Speelterrein bij het ziekenhuis
  • Binnenzijde van de woning vanuit een andere hoek
    Binnenzijde van de woning vanuit een andere hoek
  • Schoolbus van AMG
    Schoolbus van AMG
  • Kamer van de doctor
    Kamer van de doctor
  • Voorkant van het ziekenhuis
    Voorkant van het ziekenhuis
  • Woningen van verplegend personeel
    Woningen van verplegend personeel
  • Straatbeeld in Guatemala
    Straatbeeld in Guatemala
  • Binnenzijde van de woning
    Binnenzijde van de woning
  • Binnenplaats
  • Lokale markt in Guatemala
    Lokale markt in Guatemala
  • Standaard openbaar vervoersmiddel in Guatemala
    Standaard openbaar vervoersmiddel in Guatemala

Blijf betrokken bij de voortgang van het project in Cubulco


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Report from local coordinator Sam Avila

Project: Hospital Señorita Elena, Cubulco


Our first experience with WS outside of Quetzaltentnago seemed like a completely new challenge. The project was very different, the construction site was at the initial stage and we had only 15 participants. Flexibility was probably the thing we had to exercise the most as leaders. We were constantly facing changes in planning, health and various situations. We were all grateful for the team and leaderships willingness to go through the everchanging day to day activitites.

The team got to stay in a very small community inside our hospital facilities. The dining room and rooms were all within walking distance inside our facilities. Our construction site was in front of the hospital and the school where we would work with our children was a 5-minute walk away from our hospital.

Operational level

The construction

After evaluating what we would be able to do as a team of 15 people without a head constructor, we decided to focus on half of the building, which was 3 apartments. This required us to elevate the brick wall and change the whole metal support structure for the roof. We wanted to find someone that would work with us to make this project work and to finish it once the team would leave, and to complete the task.

Facilitation of the team
The entire team stayed in our Hospital facilities. In this case we used the two rooms that we have in front of our dining area to house the girls and the facilities in our nutrition center to provide housing for the men in our team. All of our meals where done in our kitchen by the staff that works there every day, and the cooks were adapting every day to the teams needs. We were invited by a local missionary that works with AMG to a church service in the mountains of Cubulco where he worked.  On that day we traveled and stayed at the local church for one night.

Children program

The children program was different from what we have been used to on the past few trips.  Because this school is much smaller than the one in Ostuncalco we only had one session in the afternoon for the days that we were able to go. There were a few team members that organized this with the childrens leader and they achieved a lot with these kids. the childen were always happy with the lessons and the activities and the crafts were really special.

Life skills, cultural and touristic outings

This was again something completely new that we had to face because of the new location, new local language but also because of how different the community actually is. The life skills and cultural activities were achieved and planned based on the teams needs. Since this was such a small team we could almost approach every individual need and give them an opportunity to experience something they wanted.Touristic outings it were harder to arrange because just in order for the team to leave the town it involved a three-hour drive. Therfore we decided to travel back to Guatemala City a day earlier.

Cooperation with the WSN project staff

The staff was very experienced, they had a great way to run the teams and to focus daily on the devotions and the lessons they wanted the team to learn. The team was very close by the end of the trip and I think it was because the leadership pushed them to spend time with and invest in eachoter. There was always a good attitude from the team to the locals.

Involvement of the stakeholders

WS team

The participants were very positive about connecting and were willing to do everything we gave them as an option or as an activity. Even when they had to sing in front of 300 people at a church anniversary. They also continued working regardless of how rough the weather was.


They showed a lot of experience that seemed to come from many years of working with WS projects. The leadership promoted quiet times and times for the team to take a break and think through the day.


The involvement of the staff and the actual beneficiaries of the people who will use the apartments was very little, not because they didnt care or wanted to, but because they had to work all day in the hospital while we were building. 

The local authorities

The local authorities were really helpful They provided our permission to build and sent local traffic police for two days, when we were moving materials, to provide for us a safer environment to work in.


We got to share on the community radio and the response was great according to what we heard from our pastor. He got 7 visits to his office based on what they heard from our team in the radio. We also had great benefits from a local pool that let us use their facilities for half the price twice and even to go for free on a third occasion.

Development of the project

Right now, the project is being finished. At least the first stages for both sides of the building. We hired two workers that helped us during the last few days that the team was here. They workers will continue to finish the project. The finished building will be as follows: Change of roof, complete remodel of bathrooms and kitchens, change inside patio to another small storage room, plastering inside of apartments.

Lessons learned

The project is not always the most important thing, sometimes time in fellowship with team members or community means more than anything else.

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GU216 | Klaar om te boarden

Hoofdleider Piet belt met het bericht dat de groep klaar staat om te boarden

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Annaluisa - tandarts

Annaluisa is een enthousiaste vrouw. Zij is moeder van een negentienjarige dochter die in de stad medicijnen studeert. Hieronder vertelt zij haar verhaal:
"Ik ben geboren en getogen in Guatemala Stad en heb daar de opleiding gevolgd om tandarts te worden. Mijn vader was ook tandarts en als klein meisje wilde ik het voorbeeld van mijn vader volgen. Dit is me gelukt en inmiddels ben ik al 20 jaar tandarts. Voordat ik naar Cubulco kwam werkte ik in Quetzaltenango. Hier woonde ik in een gehuurde woning, maar dit kostte me te veel geld.
Mijn werk in Quetzaltenango stopte door omstandigheden, waardoor ik op zoek ging naar ander werk. Nu werk ik sinds 3,5 jaar in Cubulco. Het voordeel daarvan was dat ik gratis mocht wonen in een stafwoning van het ziekenhuis. Deze woning was echter erg oud met achterstallig onderhoud en een slecht dak. Dat afgelopen zomer een groep van World Servants kwam om de stafwoningen te herstellen was voor mij een geschenk uit de hemel. Ik heb nu een prachtige woning waar ik erg trots op ben. Ik geniet van het mooie nieuwe dak, en een goede badkamer met een nieuw toilet. Door deze vernieuwde woning kom ik in mijn vrije tijd tot rust en voel ik me thuis in mijn woning. Daarom zal ik zeker voorlopig hier blijven wonen en mijn beroep uitoefenen in het ziekenhuis van Cubulco.

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Remodeling of the doctor apartments

This year the second World Servants team inaugurated the project of remodeling the apartments for our doctors in our Hospital facility, the team was smaller and had a big project ahead. So far, we changed the roof, removed the old fixtures inside, changed the bathrooms, windows doors and all faucets, toilets, showers, etc. Now the entire place is being refurnished and all the new installations are being completed by different workers that get contracted for specific trades.
This was the first stage of the remodel project, the World Servants team came to work and their main task was upgrading the main facility, elevating the existing wall so we could change the roof and redirect the flow of water we collect from rain, they also took the old tin roof out and started the install of the new tin roof.
The pictures show you the results and the progress on the inside of the apartments, all the fixtures are being remodeled and changed, new bathrooms and showers were installed with new ceramic for the walls. Sound proof windows and new doors.
The project is still in process and we expect to have it completed by the end of the month of January 2017.

Goals for coming months.

  • Complete the first half, the first 3 apartments for the doctors and bring in the furniture for our doctors to be able to move in by the end of 2016.
  • Remodel the other 3 apartments, complete the same process with them and create the laundry room.

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Cubulco is het geografische centrum van de Republiek Guatemala en is een van de meest bezochte gebieden in het hele land. Het is 46 kilometer van de provinciehoofdstad van Salama en de hoofdstad 196 kilometer, met volledig verharde wegen. Deze plaats met ongeveer 10.000 inwoners, heeft een rijke Maya cultuur, waarvan de invloed zeer zichtbaar is. Tevens is Cubulco een van de plaatsen die het zwaarst getroffen is door de burgeroorlog die woedde van 1960-1996. De voornaamste bron van inkomen is agricultuur, maar door het warme en droge klimaat is het een zwaar bestaan voor de boeren.

Door de burgeroorlog is er veel wantrouwen ontstaan onder de bevolking en ook rascisme komt veelvuldig voor. De samenwerking tussen de deelnemers en de lokale bevolking is daardoor een mooi getuigenis van hoe twee culturen samen kunnen komen, dat er interactie plaatsvindt en en samengewerkt kan worden ten voordele van de lokale gemeenschap.

- Door de samenwerking onderling stimuleer je ook bewustwording in de gemeenschap dat samenwerken mogelijk is tussen twee culturen.
- Het ziekenhuis en de woningen krijgen door de herstelwerkzaamheden weer een frisse uitstraling en maken het een veilig onderkomen voor de doktoren en patienten.

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