De bouw in Domar en Debiganj gaat beginnen!

Project update van 31 mei 2021 door Surendra Nath Singh en Linda Augustinus-Lourier

Good news from Bangladesh. Coordinator Suren sends a short message.

Greetings from TLM Bangladesh. We are all well at this moment by the grace of our Lord.
Last week we selected two masons for construction of two association office building (BA 121) . Two association leaders participated in the meeting, a purchase committee formed for construction work of this project. We decided to start construction work on 6th June at Debiganj and on 7th at Domar if situation allows (due to the weather, COVID lockdown etc.). Masons looks confident to complete this construction within three months.
We will share some pictures and video of the inauguration of building construction. Please remember us in your prayer for safety of this construction work.