‘Hoe kijkt coördinator Carlos Sanchez terug op het project?’

De partner vertelt... van 12 november 2019

Elk jaar vragen we onze partner hoe het project is gegaan en welke lessen de partner heeft geleerd.

Context and summary Describe the original plan/idea for the project. Has the project been executed as planned? For more than 50 years more than 8 communities in the area of Cuevas have received medical attention in a small clinic, where in three rooms it worked: the pharmacy, doctor's office, doctor's house, delivery room and information room. This small construction over the years and despite the effort of the community for maintenance deteriorated and the space was very small, in rainy weather they could not use the place because it drank a lot of water through the ceiling and walls. A new place was necessary for people to receive a better greeting and for people working in the center to work better and cleaner. Give a (short) general description of the implementation of the project. Now a new building is being built, with space for pharmacy, two doctors' offices, a nursing room, two rooms for hospitalization, a surgery room and deliveries and an ambulance garage. How do you look back on the following topics? How was it arranged, what went well, what could be done better? Construction Buildings worked on The construction is one of the largest we have had with World Servants, but the group did a wonderful job, despite the rains that prevented us from working some days, the participants and leaders decided to work more hours and more days than planned, it was Very inspiring to see their commitment. Very good work. Tasks to be done We are in the process of finishing the new construction. Programs Children program Wonderful Children program with the Director and students of the Cuevas School Cultural and touristic outings It was very good, we were actually staying in a very beautiful place and the same place of the project is a very tourist place, it was a very good place to see and know Bolivia. Life Skills program and Football for Water Cooperation and involvement Leadership team World Servants Great leader Team! From the first day they understood that we had to be flexible, and the experience of Maaike leader of the group was fundamental so that everything could be done in a very good way, excelent leaders group! Local leaders / key persons The community leader Mr. Herculiano Gutierrez worked many hours and with a lot of commitment to carry out this project, his support was very good, and we were able to witness his commitment to his community, very good work. Community The community often brought fruits for the group, and when we asked for their time to meet and share with the group we always had almost the entire community to play, eat or have fun with the group. Beneficiaries They participated in all the activities that were requested to be with the group. (Local) authorities The activities with the community were also coordinated with the Director of Human Development of the City Hall of Samaipata, Lic. Balvina Facilitation of the team Accommodation Very Good Food Very Good Transportation Very Good Safety Very Good Lessons learned We learned that we have to be flexible, with the weather we spent several days without work, but there is always a solution if we have the right attitude and trust in God