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Project update van 21 april 2022

At this time, 120 families in the community and its surroundings have their children in this school.
It has 246 preschool and elementary students, with 3 classrooms that have been divided into 2 grades each to hold classes, so that there are 6 classrooms, so the space is very small and the children are squeezed into the classroom.
Their classrooms are very small and many of them function as multigrade for the children to get into their education.
Some other classrooms, because they have a very high number of students, are divided into two groups and they come every other day; for example, in 3rd grade, there are 46 students and they are also divided into 2 groups to come every other day.
There is a 7th room that is extremely small. It is being used as a classroom for the 2nd grade of primary school with 31 students and they have also been divided into 2 groups to attend every other day.
At the presente, there are 7 teachers. 6 with professional items and 1 teacher that is paid by parents of the students. They give 1000 Bs. monthly as a salary for this teacher.
They do not have suitable furniture for children.
The parents of the students bring their own chairs from home for their children, and there are many parents who have multiple children at school and they cannot bring chairs for all of them.
Parents also contribute with 10 Bs. per month for each child enrolled in the school to be able to pay the teacher.
They come to this school from multiple communities around, such as: Palma del Este, Mi Quinta, Estelita, Ciudad de Dios, La Joya, Jerusalem, El Bateón, etc.

Because of many new neighborhoods in the surroundings, the urban sprawl grows more and more but the schools do not have enough space for the new families' children. And the children stop going to school because they don't have money for transportation to go to some other school.