‘Hoe kijkt coördinator Carlos Sanchez terug op het project?’

De partner vertelt... van 9 december 2022 door Carlos Sanchez

Elk jaar vragen we onze partner hoe het project is gegaan en welke lessen de partner heeft geleerd.

* Describe the original plan/idea for the project. Has the project been executed as planned?
A couple of years ago, the community of Patuju received the support of World Servants and Formando Vidas for the first time with the construction of two classrooms. This help gave them the possibility to give more opportunities to students who live in the area but who could not study due to lack of space that limited the number of students who could go to this school, these two new classrooms also helped Parents and Teachers to begin to increase the number of students who had the possibility of being able to study the secondary level in their own community, for this they needed two new classrooms.

* Give a (short) general description of the implementation of the project.
To receive all grades of the secondary level, it is planned to build two new classrooms and bathrooms for students and teachers.

* How do you look back on the following topics? How was it arranged, what went well, what could be done better?
- Buildings worked on
The group of participants did an excellent job, they always worked overtime to be able to advance the construction, some of them had work experience but the majority learned very quickly and the work was of very good quality.
During the time that the group of participants were in Patuju they finished with the walls of two classrooms and bathrooms, they also worked laying concrete and leveling the floor with earth. The very committed construction leader and also a very good group leader. Good job Monica!

- Tasks to be done
In a few weeks we are going to start the completion time of the construction, the plan is to be able to finish the construction in 6 weeks after restarting the works.

- Children program
Excellent work with the children, the participants were well prepared for the Biblical teachings and always willing to play with the students. The children loved the different crafts they did with the group.

- Cultural and touristic outings
The participants had the opportunity to share various activities with the locals, soccer games, Zumba dance, visited people who work with clay, attended a Bolivian professional soccer game, visited the Afro-Bolivian community, traveled to Samaipata, and experienced lots of food. Bolivian. Wonderful time.

- Life Skills program
The Life Skill program was very successful, the people who were sharing with the adolescents did a very good job, they knew how to talk to adolescents and were able to communicate the message we had for them very well.

- Leadership team World Servants
Excellent, the group leader and his wife did a great job, they were a good team together, always open to communicate with the participants but also with the Bolivian team and the community, the spiritual leader really did a good job with the participants. It was a great experience working as a team with them, always looking for the best and the solution for any challenge. Great job Wouter!!

- Local leaders / key persons
The very committed community leaders, always ready to go the extra mile, gave a lot of their time to organize the activities, the teachers and the school principal loved working with the group.

- Community

- Beneficiaries
The students were very happy to be able to share this time with the group.

- (Local) authorities

- Accommodation

- Food
Very Good

- Transportation

- Safety

One of the biggest challenges was adapting the toilets for people in wheelchairs, this needs more attention from me in the future, although a very good solution was found the second week (a warehouse was adapted and it became a very comfortable).
Great job by the leaders of this group, they made a big difference.