Hoe kijkt onze partner terug op het project?

De partner vertelt... van 25 oktober 2018

Na elk project vragen we onze partner hoe het project is gegaan en welke lessen de partner heeft geleerd. Je vindt hier het bijbehorende rapport.

1.1.    The original plan of the project
The plan was to change the current roof structure from one of our camp cabins, an old structure made out of asbestos. The project is being executed still. Right now the entire roof has been poured with concrete, the structure is ready. It is being executed maybe a week or two behind schedule due to rainy season.

1.2.    Implementation of the project
The old roof was removed before the arrival of the team. After that we had a crew of 5 workers and the GU118 team working on building the new rebar structure to hold the prefab roof and then to be poured. After the 20 days of curing, the wood/metal structure will be removed and the inside details (electricity, plastering, paint, etc.) will be finished.

2.1.    Buildings worked on
Our construction site was a building that contained two cabins in one. The location of this cabin made it hard to get to, and mostly hard to bring materials up to. The construction site could have been more clean in the preparation time, also I believe it was a small site for the amount of people that were on the construction teams.

2.2.    Tasks to be done
There were plenty of tasks to go around, a lot of those tasks didn't seem to be exciting for many participants because they involved moving, cleaning and not as much "construction" as they wanted to. We had some challenges getting people to translate and to be present on the site so it was also hard for us to communicate between World Servants and Guatemalan builders.

3.1.    Children Program
The children program worked out great, the lessons were adjusted to the ages and the participants prepared some really nice things for them. We enjoyed having them assisting the work at camp and it was a great blessing. We tried our best to have always translation on time to assist the children program.

3.2.    Cultural and touristic outings
We were very appreciative of how flexible and understanding the leadership was regarding these outings. In our country, is always a little challenging to get things confirmed on time and there were different changes, but the team took it with a humble spirit always. We had hired transport and we were able to complete all of the things that were planned.

3.3.    Life Skills
I believe this also went really well, some of the visits happened during the last week and I hope the participants were able to get the most out of them.

4.1.    Leadership team World Servants
Great leadership, a really special group of people who were there to serve and to be used to guide the team in a great way.

4.2.    Local leaders / key persons
I think our staff and local leadership also did a great Job, the camp staff was so helpful at all times and they were always doing stuff to help.

4.3.    Community
Our church community was very welcoming, the time we spent with them was great. Also the children communities that we worked with were also a really interested in getting to know them and they were able to connect with the team.

4.4.    Beneficiaries
I believe that the involvement of the beneficiaries is not really something we can evaluate in the construction process. I think the parents as much as the kids are playing their part as they commit to sending the children to our camp to enjoy the cabin!

5.1.    Accommodation
The team's accommodation was really good. They were very flexible and careful with the things that we entrusted them with.

5.2.    Food
There were no major issues with the food. I believe they enjoyed it always.

5.3.    Transportation
We had a couple of days when the transport was limited to a number of people for the cultural program and professional visits. The team was always flexible.

5.4.    Safety
Because of the location and staff that we have at Camp, the trip overall was perfectly safe and there were no problems regarding safety. This is always our main concern.