De schooldirecteur vertelt

Storytelling bezoek van 13 april 2017

HA116 - MarotSetup - MarotHA116 - MarotHA116 - MarotHA116 - MarotDirector of school in Marot

"Before the new classroom block was build, the facilities and therefore the quality of education in Marot, was very poor. Pupils were educated in the church or in a hangar. The pupils could not concentrate well enough. The consequence was a decrease in numbers of pupils: more and more parents decided to send their children to other schools like the schools in Marot, Gonaïves and Port-de-Paix. This resulted also in a decrease of schoolincome which lead to another problem: the school couldn't  pay the teachers anymore. Now the block of three class rooms has been build, the quality of the facilities is much better: there is no need for parents to send their children to other places anymore." 

Mr. Enistal
Teacher and director of the school