More Furniture and improved staffing level at kantheska

Project update van 29 mei 2019 door Mussa Nyirenda

Conducive classroom environment enhanced

Kantheska school happens to be one of the projects of 2018 where there was acute shortage of desks including infrastructure. There were no permanent school blocks , toilets and completely no desks at the school. However world servants renovated one school block and constructed a school block with a headteachers office in between. Through Wild geese initiative the school was supported with junior desks and later on the Ministry of Education supported them with 50 senior desks. This is a sign that the school is growing and the staffing is currently at three qualified male teachers from 2 last time. The school has also 2 assistant teachers who help to boost the staffing at the school. Currently the school has an enrollment of 230 learners . The enrollment is not consistent because of tobacco farmers who come as tenants on a seasonal basis.