Community enthusiastic to host participants

Project update van 4 mei 2021 door Mussa Nyirenda

Temporary teacher houseInside the classroomsTemporary classroomsInside the classrooms

Last week project coordinator Mussa visited Chankomi to discuss the upcoming project.

Chankhomi is a new school which has been initiated by the community through the traditional leaders after noticing that so many learners are dropping from school due to the challenge of long distances to school. This also means that the learners enrol late for grade one because at the age of 6 they cannot travel long distance. There are almost 250 learners in the community for grades 1-4. The school has temporarily been closed due to poor infrastructure. The community is very enthusiastic about developing their community and they just lack support hence their request for a world servants project. So far the community has come up with some temporally structures to start with. In the previous update the temporary school block could be found behind the church. Now a temporary classroom and teacher house has been constructed on the other side of the road. This shows that the community is very committed to get their children to school.

In the temporary classrooms some voluntary teachers give class to grade 1 and 2. However because the teachers have no training and there are no text books or teacher guides it is more a way to keep the children busy instead of actual class. In order for Chankomi school to get assistance from the government on trained teachers and text books they first need to be approved as official school. This cannot be done when the school has permanent classrooms. With assistance of the World Servants group this permanent classrooms can be constructed and the school can be fully acknowledged as primary school. This will improve the quality of education and more children will go to school.