Gemeenschap van Chankhomi krijgt training

Project update van 27 mei 2022 door Mussa Nyirenda

Plenaire openingTraining voor leerlingenTraining voor vrouwenTraining voor mannen

Om de impact van de komst van de groep nog groter te maken krijgt de gemeenschap van Chankhomi training over hoe zij hun school en dorp kunnen ontwikkelen. Projectcoördinator Mussa doet verslag.

"The Community Improvement plan at Chankhomi was done with the aim of preparing the community on how they would participate in the development of their community. The CIP process was attended by 27 Men, 12 Women and 30 learners. The community surfaced a number of issues that affect the development of their area and came up with ideas on how some of the issues could be resolved. The issues were divided into two categories namely: Software and hardware issues. Hardware issues included Lack of permanent classrooms, teachers houses, toilets, desks, sporting uniforms, clinic and head teachers office. Software issues were Lack of qualified teachers, teaching and learning materials, absenteeism from learners, lack of parental interest in education, the school is not registered by government, orphans and hunger in the community. The community is very much eager to see their community develop that’s why they have moulded enough bricks and are motivated to work side by side with the participants when they come to build classrooms and toilets. The community has shown great willingness and enthusiasm to host the group this coming summer because they want to see their community grow."