In gesprek met Lucia en Robert

Storytelling van 22 mei 2019

Lucia KaundaRobert Chipeta

Lucia en Robert herinneren zich de groep nog goed en vertellen welke impact het project op hun leven heeft gehad.

Lucia Kaunda, inmiddels 15 jaar: "I remember the group very well. They worked so hard! This really learned me to work hard so I also can achieve something in life. After the group left I wanted to improve my English in order to communicate well when more visitors will come. I am still in school, but when I am ready I would like to become a police women or soldier."

Robert Chipeta, inmiddels 18 jaar: "I am so grateful for the work done by the group. We now have a much better environment to learn. I will work hard in order to follow my dreams. My ambition is to become a journalist."