Het dak kan er op in Chigumba

Project update van 7 juli 2021 door Mussa Nyirenda

Projectcoördinator Mussa vertelt, ondersteund door foto's en een video, over de voortgang van het project in Chigumba.

"The community of Chigumba is very motivated to work on the school block and complete it in good time. A lot of work has already been done so far and the community is tirelessly working to complete the construction so that the learners can start using the structure. The community has so far already completed working on the bricklaying work and the trusses are already on top waiting for roofing. The remaining work is currently beam filling, iron sheets and thereafter other works such as plastering, flooring, pointing, painting and drainage. The community is working very hard and is determined to complete the structure in good time."