Update on the status of Lunga project

Project update van 20 oktober 2020 door Mussa Nyirenda

The ccap churchStaffroomsTeachers house built by communitySecond school blockThree teachers houses built by wsHeadteachers officeFeeding shelterToiletsThird two classroomsNew school block with two classroomsFirst  two classroomsTeachers house built by communityParticipants to the meeting

It has been eight years since World Servants group MA412 traveled to Lunga to assist with the construction of teacher houses. This month project coordinator Mussa visited Lunga Primary School...

The school was visited on the 6th of October 2020 and it was good to see that the school has indeed been growing and the community continues to work hard using the little resources to improve their school. Performance of the learners has also improved as the school registered a pass rate of 90% in the previous academic year. The number of teachers has equally increased from 5 in 2014 to 7 this year and it is also pleasing to note that out of the 7 teachers 3 are female which is very rare in the rural schools. The community has so far constructed one teachers house and are now working on another classroom to ease the challenge of classrooms at the school. Water supply still remains a big challenge in this community as teachers walk a long distance to fetch water. The other challenges are office space, toilets, GCR and 2 additional houses. The community still has a lot of memories for the group as they had a good time in the community and always willing to host another group so that they can interact more with them.