Community Improvement Plan

Project update van 9 mei 2019 door Mussa Nyirenda

community enthusiastic with the coming of the participants

The community improvement plan was conducted at Liziwazi community with an aim of surfacing issues that affect the school and community as a whole. Among some of the issues raised were Lack of school blocks, lack of teacher houses, toilets, hunger, poverty and orphanhood. The community realising that they have a role in making sure that the problems affecting them need to be addressed foremost by themselves have moulded bricks and burnt them. They have also by themselves and with support from District council built a school block. They have also come up with a social contract where they have divided the roles of different social groups in realising their goals.
The community was also mobilised on how to work side by side with a team of volunteers from the Netherlands. It was very pleasing to see the excitement from the community. The community expressed gratitude that they will receive the group and will work together with them in making sure that the project is successful.