Progress at Makonje on kitchen and renovations

Project update van 2 december 2021 door Mussa Nyirenda

Renovation of teachers houses is going on well and the kitchens, stores and washrooms are also being constructed. Work on kitchens has already reached roofing level.

Makonje school is one of the schools which has been well supported in terms of renovation and additional structures such as kitchen, washroom and stores for teachers. The two teachers houses are being renovated and there is good progress so far. The work on kitchen, washroom and stores is also progressing well as they have been roofed and what remains is flooring and plastering. People are now busy working on the fields so work will stop for the mean time to give them time to work on the fields. The teachers houses and the kitchens are already attracting teachers to come and teach at the school. The school received a new female head teacher who has been there for less than two months but she has been promoted to be a Primary Education Advisor (PEA) and a new head has already been identified to head the school. This shows that the school is now being recognized and more teachers are expected to come and teach at the school.