Borehole drilling at Makhuwira

Project update van 26 januari 2021 door Mussa Nyirenda

The community of Makhuwira has been without portable water near the school for over 10 years and finally they can at least afford a smile as with funding from World Servants through well wishers guided by Eric a borehole has been drilled at the school.

The community is all smiles and couldn’t believe when they saw the vehicles coming to do mechanical drilling at their school. The borehole when finally installed will help the community and learners to access portable water. The learners will also be able to draw water close to the school and this will also assist in hygiene and sanitation during this covid-19 period when everyone is encouraged to wash hands frequently with soap. The community is very thankful for the borehole which they feel has come at the right time when water is a challenge. So far the drilling has been successful and plenty of water has been found at 51 meters and what remains is the installation of the hand pump.