Borehole installation at makhuwira

Project update van 3 maart 2021 door Mussa Nyirenda

Borehole installed at Makhuwira as the community expresses great joy and thanks to world servants and the people of the Netherlands for the valuable support

Makhuwira community has been without portable water for over 15 years now but finally they can now breathe a sigh of relief as a borehole has been installed. The community was all smiles when they started drinking from the borehole and in his speech the Village Headman thanked the CCAP education department and the world servants through the people of the Netherlands for the timely assistance. The borehole will help the learners, teachers and some community members to access clean water. This borehole will also ease travelling distance for teachers and learners who used to walk long distance to draw water from a shallow well which is a distant from the school. The other good thing is that the community has elected a borehole committee which is going to oversee the management of the borehole. The borehole committee has also been trained on minor maintenance of the borehole by the technical person who was engaged by the CCAP education department.