Update on Covid-19 training in Makhuwira

Project update van 8 augustus 2020 door Mussa Nyirenda

Leaders happy with knowledge gained

Makhuwira School was one of the schools that benefited from the training on covid-19. The training targeted traditional leaders and church leaders and a total of 14 people were trained. The community leaders are expected to reach out to their subjects in the churches and the community with the knowledge gained from the training. It is expected that 400 people will be sensitized including learners. The training mainly focused on the prevention measures as set out by government and also on how to handle key suspects of the covid-19. The community leaders were very thankful to World Servants (with help of EO Metterdaad) for organizing the training through CCAP. They promised to sensitize their subjects on the dangers of covid-19 and make sure that they are safe. Amongst some of the topics covered were signs and symptoms of covid-19, how it is transmitted, how to prevent it from spreading, how dangerous is covid-19and demonstration on hand washing just to mention a few. The school was also given hand washing facilities including soap to be used by the community. The facilitators were medical personnel from health centres in the catchment area and they also registered their gratitude to World Servants for the resources which they said will help the communities in combating the spread of the virus. CCAP is thankful to World Servants for the training which has helped us to reach out to the school. Since the school is also preparing to host a group it will help in mobilizing them as they continue with the preparations.