A brief update from Hsi Hsi

Storytelling van 13 augustus 2020 door Sia Hollemans en Linda Augustinus-Lourier

Dinner at boarding houseReceiving diploma

The local coordinator of the centre in Chaungsone, Hsi Hsi gives us a brief update:

"I am so glad and happy for the blessed victory of my 2 differently able children passed the matriculation exam, Naw Wah Eh is with 2 D and MG Yae Min Kant, boy. They both passed well. But on the other hand, I am guilty and feel sad about how many children like them could not get the chance for higher education in my country. There are a lot. But anyway, I am happy and glad. Without having the boarding house, Naw Wah eh also would not have a chance to have this kind of victory. So, please give my thanks and gladness to the organization for helping and supporting us . I will try more to reach and catch up to help the people to those who really need helps and promote their life for the future better world."