Music and dance!! What a warm welcome

Project update van 16 april 2022 door Mary Angoro, Pieter Bakker en Anne Strijker

An overwhelming welcome has been given to the setup team in april 2022. The whole community presented themselves - really amazing - this was a clear sign of community engagement a great foundation to look into the possibility to work in this community. Look at the video and pictures!!

The Omgboa community in the Terego district is really remote. It is an hour from Arura in the middle of now where. No electricity or hardly any brick building in de area. The community is making plans to improve their childrens education. It was very clear that there was no proper structure in place at all - only an old broken small church community building. They are building a church that will serve as community building and a primary school but this will be insufficient to accommodate the need. It needs to be taken into account that a proper structure will result in having children from other communities coming here as well. They indicated a preference for an Early Child Developing Centre over a primary school to contribute to a consistent path of sustainable education. At the moment there is nothing for the younger group 3 - 6. The younger the children start the less risk on e.g. drop outs and a better chance for future jobs or entrepreneurship. What an oppertunity to help and see a direct impact of your work!