Nieuwe uniformen voor leerlingen in Mtelwe

Project update van 23 november 2023 door Moffat Zulu

Begin dit jaar ontvingen wij vanuit groep Ten Boer een extra bijdrage voor de school in Mtelwe om voor de meest kwetsbare kinderen schooluniformen te kopen. Het heeft even geduurd, maar inmiddels zijn de schooluniformen (en boeken, tassen en schoenen) gekocht en uitgedeeld. Projectcoördinator Moffat doet verslag...

"As CCAP education department under Synod of Zambia we are delighted to report a successful distribution of cloths to our pupils/learner at Mtelwe school on 7th November 2023 in form of School Uniforms, Books, school bags and school shoes as we advocate consistently lobby for making schooling more accessible to children who are in school going age. The support came at the right time when we really needed it, 65 children in total benefited from support 50 of them they received a full uniform and 15 of them benefited either just books or a pair of shoe and others school bags. We would like to extend our appreciation to Andre Mulder and Angelique (who were in for front organizing) for their initiative with their group (the ZA122 team).The gesture exhibited by the World Servants Team which came in 2022 to construct a school block and a year later remembers these children with such kind of help, really translates the Love of God to its people and towards each other. The children were very thankful together with their parents and teachers. Education of the child requires concerted efforts from all meaningful human kind. Government and non-government organizations and individuals may intervene in any number of ways to encourage children to attend school, including by providing free uniforms, free meals, free medications, textbooks and classroom construction not all at the same time but we value every help and it goes a long. All this happens to the glory of God almighty. "