Bouw van Opknapwerkzaamheden aan een vakschool in Khayelitsha in 2016

  • De eerste lading kuikentjes is aangekomen
    De eerste lading kuikentjes is aangekomen

Blijf betrokken bij de voortgang van het project in Khayelitsha


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SA116 | De laatste dagen in Zuid-Afrika

Nog veel gezien en gedaan de laatste dagen in Zuid-Afrika

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SA116 | Zo veel gedaan, dus ook zoveel te vertellen....

We hebben een uitgebreid blog ontvangen van de groep in Zuid-Afrika met daarin de belevenissen van afgelopen week, inclusief een mooie fotoreportage.

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Report from partner Mfesane

1. Introduction on the project
First contact meeting was held in Cape Town at Mfesane Head office to discuss project. Buy-in from both sides. Tasks and responsibilities were allocated with budget costs. An agreement was signed by both partners.
Skype meetings were held to plan and finalize all activities and budget expenses.
Action plans for challenges that can occur was addressed. A draft program was distributed to all relevant role players. Mfesane projects and community organisations were informed and prepared for the encounter.

2. Operational level

The construction
It was a great pleasure to receive World Servants visitors in August. The days planned for the project went smoothly. Through their efforts we have realized the progress of the work they were involved in at the construction site. These are areas they worked on:-

  • Preparation of walls for painting
  • Applying the under coat (first coat) on the plastered walls
  • Preparation of the front part of the building to be paved
  • These ranges from excavation, removing top soil and transferring of levels
  • Observation of work done previous days was also a highlight to us and the group
It was a great experience to work with the youth so energetic! We experienced teamwork indeed.

Facilitation of the team
Mfesane was the host of the visit. The group was exposed to the social construct in our area.
Life skills program at our Isibindi sites 1 and 2. The language barrier was overcome; the adolescence of Isibindi was of assistance to translate.
  • The group took each task as important and did not hesitate to do it.
  • The landlord of the hostel where the group stayed was very helpful and of good assistance if any challenge arise.
The feedback from the group was that the food was nice and appreciated. We would suggest that in future we will rather make provisions for breakfast because the group prefers bread, jam and peanut butter.
The group enjoyed the site-seeing of the Saldanha Bay Municipality. They went to the Fossil Park in Langebaan, the Da Gama Monument in St. Helena Bay, our Harbor and Langebaan the tourist attraction.

Cooperation with the WSN project staff
The team was good and humbled.  We had constant feedback session and discussed the next days activities.

3. Involvement of the stakeholders
  • Mfesane staff was helpful and participate fully. They scheduled their daily tasks to make space for the group.
  • Families were open to welcome World Servants into their safe space.
  • The local authorities were informed of the visit and could have made contact with them if any situation occured.
  • The community was open to assist where ever they could.

4. Development of the project
We continue with what the group engaged in. Follow-up with stakeholders that was involved

Lessons learned
  • Allocate activities where the group stays. Save on transportation costs.
  • More adult group leaders. When the group split there are responsible people
  • As an organisation (Mfesane), should be more proactive. Open channel of communication. Plan together and be informed of changes (Mfesane projects).
  • Spirit of Ubuntu from the group was so heart warming, they donated almost all their clothing to the needy communities. Protective clothing were given to needy individuals to use during training and other were handed to Disaster Emergency Response to distribute to the needy communities.

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Khayelitsha ligt vlakbij Kaapstad aan de zuidelijke kust en is het grootste township van de Kaapse Vlakte. Het strekt zich uit langs de snelweg N2. Er wonen ongeveer 400.000 mensen. Khayelitsha betekent 'nieuw thuis' in het Xhosa. De Kaapse Vlakte ('Cape Flats') is een gebied ten oosten van de stad. Khayelitsha strekt zich uit tot aan de kust en is omgeven door zandduinen. Er zijn er die geloven dat dit bewust gedaan is door de apartheidsplanners om politieke onlusten te onderdrukken.

South Africa