Bouw van lerarenwoningen in San José Del Norte in 2010

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Blijf betrokken bij de voortgang van het project in San José Del Norte


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Er zijn geen berichten.

Monitoring maart 2011

A lot of work has been done by the community and the World Servants team. The 3 houses are finished and are occupied. 3 teachers are living in the houses, 2 teachers live there with their families. Together with the 4 houses of the local government 8 teachers (one couple) are housed properly. The toilet building (is the 20% of the local government) is not finished yet. The walls and the floor should still be finished and the plumbing installed. In about two weeks the toilet building is finished. The teachers are responsible for the maintenance and they pay for maintenance and electricity. The principal of the primary school is new.
There is one teacher who lives in the old building and the teachers also use a part of the building as a kitchen.
The local government has the intention to build a fence and another block of four houses and break down the old building next year. A teacher works 80 hours per month.

The law on education has changed in Bolivia in 2011
The children of four and five year go to pre-school. Primary school is six classes, instead of eight classes. Secondary education will be increased from four to six classes.
Previously there were 30 students in one class and now 40 students in a classroom are allowed.
Part of secondary school is having classes in the afternoon. Standard 7 & 8 will move to another school building.
We received the sheet with the 2010 results of the primary school.
In 2009 20 children finished secondary school 10 continued their education (university). The same figure is given for 2010.

The people of San Jose del Norte was pleased that the participants visited their homes and stay overnight. The teachers are very happy with their new housing and are thankful to the group. One female teacher had lived for 13 years in an old and dirty room.    

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