Een update van YuvaLok School in Bangalore

De partner vertelt... van 23 mei 2017

Nieuwe kinderen op school

Dear Friends,

Please join us in giving thanks for the 42 kids who wrote their final high school exam. Four of them came out with distinction, 10 first class, 10 second class, and four Grade ‘C’. 14 of them will write their exams again because they did not do well in some subjects. Without you we would not have achieved so much. 

Nearly 200 kids will join the eight YuvaLok Schools in Bangalore, Chamarajanagar and Bhadravathi on the 1st of June. The picture you see below is part of a group of 50 children who live in a Home for the Destitute. Almost all of them were found abandoned on the streets. A few who were born in the Home are children of rape victims. Seeing the plight of these kids there was no option but to accept them to study at our school. You, as a friend of YuvaLok help us give these and all other kids in our schools a hope and the potential of a bright future.

With you on our side we will be able to provide education, nutrition and health care to 1500 boys and girls starting this academic year. The Department of Education has finally granted permission for English to be the medium of instruction at the YuvaLok Hennur School. You can imagine the joy and excitement of these kids and their communities because that’s going to help them achieve their dreams of a better life. We are now waiting for permission to officially run the school in Kannur on the outskirts of the city. We are constructing four class rooms for the school in Bhadravathi and hope it will be ready for use when we open in June. 

At the beginning of each academic year we realize the costs have gone up, because of inflation, salaries of teaching staff and new kids on the block, and all this is unavoidable. Your prayers and giving has helped sustain all that we do for the underprivileged and needy, and that’s really crucial for the work to go on. You are the power behind this work, and we are truly grateful.

Sam Rajshekhar