A new update from Matipa

Project update van 18 oktober 2020 door Mussa Nyirenda

School toiletsThe two classrooms built by WSTeachers house needing renovationTeachers house built by communitySecond house built by WsTeachers houses built by communityKitchen and feeding shelterThe old classroom renovated by WSHeadteachers house built by WSSchool toilets with toilet and GCR by WS

The classrooms and teacher houses contructed 10 years ago have made an incredible change to the community of Matipa.

The school hosted two World Servants groups in 2010 and they constructed four classrooms with a head teachers office in between and two teachers houses. The face of the school has changed from worse to good as before the World Servants groups arrived the school was only a junior primary with only 2 temporary classrooms. This time the school has 6 classrooms and 5 teachers’ houses and is up to grade 8. Two new teachers houses have been constructed by the community including kitchens for some staff houses. Build On organization is also intending to construct a school bock with two classrooms at the school. The school has also seen an increase in the number of teachers as there were only 5 teachers before and now the school has 8 teachers. This has led to good performance of learners as the pass rate for the previous year was 89%. The community still remembers the good time they had with the team and their memories are still fresh. The school currently is experiencing water challenges because the borehole broke down and some of the temporally teachers houses need renovations because they are in bad state. The community is very enthusiastic about the growth of their school and trying hard to make sure that the school becomes an examination centre so that learners can start sitting for their std 8 examinations at the school. For this to be realized they need more desks which is a challenge for the school.