Covid-19 materials delivered to Milenje

Project update van 25 februari 2021 door Mussa Nyirenda

Joyful faces in the learners and community as they receive covid-19 prevention materials.

Covid-19 continues to affect most people in their lives and learners have not been spared. The government had initially closed the schools for five weeks and schools just opened yesterday the 22nd of February 2021. All this was made in an effort to reduce the further spread of the virus. A group from Vries raised some funds through world servants to support the learners from Kanjazi with covid-19 prevention materials. Apart from Kanjazi School Milenje school also benefitted 430 masks, 200 tablets of soap, 10 hand sanitizers and 5 buckets of water with tap. The community and learners expressed great appreciation for the timely assistance as it will help them a lot as schools reopen after a long break due to the pandemic. Apart from Kanjazi and Milenje Schools other schools equally benefited from this support and the schools are Kavibale and Lusutuzi.