Chamkoko Community Mobilisation

Project update van 16 april 2021 door Mussa Nyirenda

This week project coordinator Mussa was in Chamkoko to share the news of the cancellation of the projects. Continue reading to get to know the reaction of the community and to see some additional photos and videos.

The people of Chamkoko community were very sad to hear about the cancellation of the 2021 projects due to covid-19. This was after they were informed about the failure by the participants to come and construct with them. The community was also informed that since the participants were not going to come they were expected to construct the teacher’s houses by themselves. The community assured me that this will be done and that they will try their best to come up with quality structures which will be the same as had the group been here. The Senior Group Village headman on behalf of the entire community expressed sadness that the group was not coming because they were eagerly looking forward to hosting the group but also they requested that next time the group should come and stay in their community.