Community Improvement Plan

Project update van 9 mei 2019 door Mussa Nyirenda

Community looking forward to working with the group

Community Improvement plan process was conducted at Kamphambe primary. The process went on very well as the community freely discussed the challenges facing the community and the school. Among some of the challenges outlined were, early marriages, teacher houses, school blocks, pupil absenteeism, hunger and poverty just to mention a few. The community came up with a scorecard where the problems were measured to check their intensity but also a social contract was developed where roles and responsibilities were outlined. Finally, a community improvement plan was developed to guide the community on what they are required to do. The community was also sensitised on the importance of team work more especially taking into account that they will be hosting a team of volunteers from Netherlands. The community showed high excitement with the coming of the volunteers and promised to welcome them into their homes and working with them.