Update on Kantheska school

Project update van 10 juni 2020 door Mussa Nyirenda

Community committed to improve teacher accommodation

Kantheska School hosted a World Servants team in 2018 and by then they only had one semi permanent school block. The communities had a great time with the participants and were greatly motivated by the way the team worked with them more especially the good interaction which made them look equal. Currently the school has six classrooms of which one was renovated by World Servants, one constructed by the community and a permanent one constructed by World Servants team. The community is already looking forward to hosting another group of World Servants’ team so that they can have another memorable time with them. Since the last group in 2018 the community has tried on its own with limited resources renovated and constructed another teachers house. The number of qualified teachers has increased from three teachers in 2018 to four teachers now. The number of grades has also increased from six to seven. The biggest challenge so far is permanent teacher’s houses which would attract more teachers to come and teach at the school. The community has a lot of tenants who come from the central region to work on the tobacco farms on seasonal basis and this has a bearing on the enrolment of learners as every season new learners are enrolled. The total number of learners is currently at 232.