Hoe gaat het nu in Kanjazi?

Project update van 4 mei 2023 door Mussa Nyirenda

Projectcoördinator Mussa is druk bezig met de voorbereidingen voor de projecten van komende zomer en reed ook langs Kanjazi, dit keer is hij gestopt om met jullie te kunnen delen hoe het daar nu gaat...

The school was visited on Tuesday 2nd May,2023 with the aim of appreciating the progress since the world servants’ team was there in 2011. The school block is still in good condition and learners are using it in a good way. Classrooms remain a big challenge as learners are still learning under trees because they only have 4 permanent classrooms and 1 temporary classroom which has been constructed by the community using the little resources they have. Currently the community is working on another temporary classroom which is at roofing stage. The school has an enrollment number of 306 learners of which 161 are boys and 145 are girls. The school has 7 qualified teachers of which 3 are male and 4 are female.