School feeding program is gestart in Kanjazi!

Project update van 20 november 2023 door Willemijn Boots en Mussa Nyirenda

Vanuit Malawi ontvingen we recent beelden van het gesponsorde voedselprogramma door de groep die in 2011 bouwde aan klaslokalen. Mussa doet verslag...

"Kanjazi school is one of the schools that benefitted from a World Servants project and a school block. Currently the school is having a school feeding program with support from group Vries. The learners have started receiving porridge and are happy with the initiative. The total number of learners at the school is 310 of which 147 are girls and 163 are boys. At the moment the community has identified a school garden where they are going to plant the maize seed and soya beans in anticipation of a high yield which will enable them to have enough maize and soya for porridge in 2024. Fertilizer, soya bean and maize seed have already been procured and distributed to the school in readiness for the planting season. The learners are very delighted with the school feeding programme and are hopeful that it will continue."