Opening celebration; happy parents and teachers

Projectupdate van 1 november 2016

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Opening celebration in Gyula.
Finally after many years of hard work, cooperation of different organizations: Foundation for Each Other, Marika's Friends, Claygate Church Community and three groups from World Servants the kindergarten in Gyula this morning was opened for the children of the village. Gyula was one of the villages in Transcarpathia which had no kindergarten for many years. The hard work, the perseverance of the local inhabitants, parents, grandprents and the mayer of the village made a mirracle. You can see the result on the photos. Many thanks for everybody who took part in any way in the construction of this kindergarten!

I had some discussion with the parents and the old teachers from the former kindergarten.
Old teachers really liked the kindergarten and were a bit sad, that they are too old to work here :)
Parents are very happy for the new kindrgarten as this way they can work. One of the mothers said that this way their life is going to be easier.
Honestly children were not happy :) They are separated from their parents and even in such a beautiful building it is painful for them.
At the opening celebration were present the consul of Hungary from Uzhgorod, mayers from Gyula town in Hungary, the head of the Vynohradiv disctrict management, the head of the Vynohradiv district council, the head of the regional management.