‘Hoe kijkt coördinator Alex Ombler terug op het project?’

De partner vertelt... van 2 december 2022 door Alex Ombler

Elk jaar vragen we onze partner hoe het project is gegaan en welke lessen de partner heeft geleerd.

* Describe the original plan/idea for the project. Has the project been executed as planned?
Firstly, it was considered to build two classrooms. Then the decision was made to build one.
Difficult access to the area, coupled with frequent rains, made this project a real challenge. Anyway, God has given us the victory,

* Give a (short) general description of the implementation of the project.
1.    Construction of the foundation and part of the floor with the participation of the World Servants team.
2.    Construction of the walls, up to the mooring beam.
3.    Installation of the ceiling, plastering of walls and other details.

* How do you look back on the following topics? How was it arranged, what went well, what could be done better?

- Buildings worked on
The plan was to have two builders who could coordinate with the WS construction leader. However, this became a bit difficult, any how the construction was achieved (thanks to the Lord). A builder with the ability to organize and lead would help a lot

- Tasks to be done
Several things remained to be done after the participants left: installing the roof, finishing the floor, plastering the walls. ceiling installation and painting.

- Children program
There was a good atmosphere. participants communicated effectively. the children were very receptive. this program has been a blessing for the children of Cerro Cabra. a larger place for meetings with the children would help a lot.

- Cultural and touristic outings
We planned to visit several tourist places, including a beach and so we did. Nevertheless, this was a bit challenging. because we were staying in an area of difficult access

- Life Skills program
The participants not only served as mentors to the teens in the community, but also built relationships with them.

- Leadership team World Servants
World Servants leaders were very committed to their work. They are very understanding and flexible people. this allowed us to solve the daily challenges.
Daily meetings were held to organize the tasks. WS leaders did an excellent job.

- Local leaders / key persons
Local leaders were also very committed to the work.

- Community
One part of the community also showed a lot of commitment and hard work.

- Beneficiaries
Some teenagers and children also helped when needed

- (Local) authorities
The local representative was very interested in helping. Also the Howard Academy visited the project. Howard Academy is a school that is located in a neighboring community. The owner of this school expressed her interest in helping to furnish the classroom and in providing other things that were needed. To accomplish this, she told us that she would meet with the residents of the Howard community to ask for help. We have not yet received this help. We hope that in the future they can even help in the construction of another classroom.

- Accommodation
The facilities of a church were used.

- Food
The food was very varied. The participants enjoyed it

- Transportation
Large and very comfortable buses were used

- Safety
Panama is a very stable country. the Cerro Cabra community is very quiet and friendly

1.    A builder with the ability to organize, direct and coordinate is essential for the success of a project.
2.    Good translators are important for good communication. in this project we had excellent translators.
3.    The biggest challenge we faced was the transportation of materials, since we were in an area with difficult access. the participants, part of the community and the local authority join forces to accomplish this task.
4.    The best way for communities to appreciate these projects is by making them part of them.

World Servants are having an impact in the life of the people in different communities.
An increase in funding for construction would help a lot.