Bouw van School voor kinderen met een beperking in Dar Es Salaam in 2016

Blijf betrokken bij de voortgang van het project in Dar Es Salaam


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TA216 | Tanzania laat ons verbazen

De laatste dagen zitten vol met belevenissen

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TA216 | 210 Hollandse pannenkoeken vliegen de pan uit

Groep TA216 heeft er weer wat avontuurlijke dagen opzitten... 

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Report on the project in Dar es Salaam

1. Summary
This project is a collaboration between World Servants and The Salvation Army in
The Netherlands. The Mission Team consisting of 24 adults served The Salvation
Army School for Children with Disabilities called Matumaini' (Kiswahili means
'Hope') for 2 1/2 weeks this summer. The main objective was to do refurbishment and
construction work at the school, to engage with the children in after school
activities and engage with the locals on the compound.
The Mission Team had opportunities to engage with local community within the
compound and also explore some of Tanzania's treasures (beach and safari).

2. Introduction on the project
The main objective of the project was to refurbish the Girls Dorm, refurbish the
Dining Hall and build two new Sun Shelters (including some repairs on existing Sun
Shelter). The Mission Team worked together with the local constructor and his
team. Every day at 3 pm a Mission Team group facilitated After School Activity for
a group of children. The Mission Team was treated with two 'Cultural evenings' and
they served the whole compound selfmade Dutch pancakes.

3. Operational level
The construction
We soon found out, the Girl's dorm would not be finished unless we prioritized it.
Therefore, we dropped refurbishing the Dining Hall and postponed the
construction of the two Sun Shelters.
The local constructor will finish the project. The WSE responsible for the
construction, Hans Luigjes, did a good job coordinating the Mission Team and
partnering with the constructor . This was not an easy task, dealing with cultural
differences and other challenges.
When the Mission Team left, there were just minor tasks to finish at the Girl's
Dorm. Work was finished according to the adjusted plan.

Facilitation of the team
The Mission Team was accommodated in our hostel at The Salvation Army
Compound where the school is also situated. Women and men were separated in a
dormitory and in basic (but new) 3 persons bungalows. Food and accommodation
was basic according to the Hostel, but considered above WSE standards. Mission
Team arranged their own coffee/tea time in collaboration with the Hostel kitchen
which worked fine.
The After School Program was a success and the children, including care takers,
enjoyed the program and the special attention. The activity was divided into age
so all groups got a Bible message, craft and physical activity according to their
age and ability. It was a challenge though, for the Mission team as all the children
are physicality disabled in one way or another.
The cultural evenings were also successful. The first evening the pastors in
training (Salvation Army cadets) treated the Mission Team on Tanzanian customs,
clothing and music. It was a joyful evening all together. The Mission Team did a
great job concerning engaging with the locals. They were genuinely interested in
people and their culture and did their best to learn some Kiswahili words and
The second week, the Mission Team was invited in groups of 2 or 3 people to
share diner with the compound families in their homes. Some team members were
skeptical but it turned out to be a great experience for them to see how the
locals are living and to share Christian fellowship.
There were three outings planned in the program for the Mission Team. The first
outing was to the beach, a relaxed day to enjoy sun and fellowship. The next day
the Mission Team participated in the English church service. The afternoon was
spent on the compound of a beach hotel in Dar where the team got the possibility
to buy souvenirs, eat nice food and relax. Next Saturday was a long but good day
which was spent on safari to Mikumi National Park. The Mission Team got to see a
lot of different animals: lions, crocodiles, elephants, zebras, giraffes, hippos etc.
Sunday morning was spent in the Kiswahili service which gave the team a good
impression on Tanzanian worship and service.

For all the outings except the safari, we used Salvation Army vehicles. An airconditioned
bus was used in addition for the safari.

Safety / Field Security Plan
No safety issues occurred during the project except for fatigue, minor wounds on
the construction site and some common travel illness among the team.

Cooperation with the WSN project staff
The cooperation with the project staff on site went well and we had a good
understanding and working relation.

Involvement of the stakeholders
We experienced all stakeholders involved in this project engaged as expected and
there were no major hick ups.

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TA216 | Met zijn allen terug op Nederlandse bodem

Na een veelbewogen terugreis, door een vliegtuig dat over-booked was vanuit Dubai, kwam de groep uit Tanzania gisteren aan het begin van de middag toch gezamenlijk aan op Schiphol.

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Naast dat Dar es Salaam de grootste stad is van Tanzania, is het ook de naam van de kustregio. Alleen in de stad wonen ruim 4,3 miljoen mensen en in de regio nog eens 2,5 miljoen.
Na de Tweede Wereldoorlog is de stad snel gegroeid en bleef het de hoofdstad, ook toen Tanganyika en Zanzibar samengingen en het land Tanzania vormden in 1964. Echter in 1974 werd Dodoma tot hoofdstad benoemd, omdat het meer centraal gelegen was. maar Dar es Salaam is tot op de dag van vandaag de belangrijkste en grootste stad van Tanzania.