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Project update van 21 april 2022

Currently the school has 144 initial and primary students. They have 4 classrooms and 1 telecentre.
2 of those classrooms were built by the parents, with the funds they raised from the sale of food and raffles. One of the classrooms has no floor built. The telecentre, which is a computer room, is also used as a classroom because they don't have computers.
At the present, there are 7 teachers. 5 with professional items and the other 2 are paid by parents.
The 4th grade of primary level class spends classes outside in the corridor and there are 16 students in this situation.
Kids from Kinder grade have no approved furniture.
Like the other communities, in this community many children have not studied this year due to lack of space in the school. And many children walk up to 6 kilometers to get to their school.