Unexpected visit to Wonji Shewa

Project update van 17 december 2019 door Tom Bouwman

School children playing on the compoundOverview of the compound with the WS classroom blockNumber of children at schoolOne of the classrooms in useMeeting with the church and school leadersDr. Woyita W. OllaSoil on the compound it still wetWondimu TesfayeFurniture not enough for optimal use of the classroomThe building build by the WS teamChildren enjoying the well ventilated classroomLogo left by the team still clearly visibleBack of the classroomblock build by the WS teamFinishing not completely done (ceiling)

Project officer Tom, made an extra visit to Wonji to see the result since last time. Read his experience below to find out what the current situation is like.

One of the results Tom reported on was that because of the increase in number of classrooms for the school, more grades can go to school here. So this means that more students can go to school in Wonji Shewa and they can stay longer at a school closer to their homes, instead of walking longer distances to another school. This is a huge benefit for the children and their parents.
On the other hand, there are some challenges on the finishing of the building itself, and a lack of furniture that still prevents the school to make optimal use of the building.

One thing that was really good to hear was that the youth from Wonji Shewa is inspired by the example of the World Servants team. They saw that you could achieve a lot if you work together, both with men and woman.