Update on foundation for school block

Project update van 2 april 2020 door Mussa Nyirenda

Community members that attended the meeting on postponement View of the foundation from the other sideMembers of the mother group in attendanceFoundation in progressPeople at the foundation site

Community still enthusiastic about the coming of the group

My visit to Makhuwira was basically to check on the progress of the foundations and also to inform the community about the postponement of the project to a later date. The community received the news with mixed feelings as it was a great shock that the project would not take place. After thorough discussion on the effect of the COVID19 globally they understood that it was not possible to continue with the project in April 2020. The community is still enthusiastic that the project will take place and that they are still ready for the group when it comes. The community will continue to work on the foundation.
The foundation is progressing well and the community is actively participating in the construction such as drawing water, ferrying sand and bricks. So far the corners have been erected and the bricklaying on the other sides is also underway. The community hopes to finish the work on construction in two weeks time. It is expected however that the work will drag a bit with the postponement of the project . The Group Village Headman extended his heartfelt thanks to World Servants and to the group for not cancelling the project but for promising to come and finish the construction of the school block. His worry was that maybe World servants will completely abandon the project.