Een mooie video vanuit Gahengeri

Project update van 19 juli 2021 door Pascal Habimpano

EPR en Help a Child hebben hun best gedaan met een mooie video als resultaat. Kijk mee om te zien hoe ze ondanks de corona maatregelen bezig zijn Gahengeri.

Coordinator Pascal schrijft: "I would like to share with you this video taken by EPR as they started construction of ECD Gahengeri. I hope the activities will be able to continue (or may delay a bit due to the ongoing total lockdown in Rwanda). Once more, thank you for World Servants' important contribution to improve children’s development potential in Rwanda. Seeing the excitement with which community members welcome construction activities, they really needed this infrastructure. It is sad that the Dutch youth couldn’t travel this summer. We would have loved to work with them this summer."